Johan Wingestad

2011-2015, I was the chair of Swedish Association of Craftsmen and Industrial Designers. Today I'm something of a generalist in the field of the visual arts and have a half-time position as executive manager for the Artists' Collective Workshop, which recently moved into new premises of 2700 sqm in Farsta in South part of Stockholm. In addition, I'm the chair of Nyckelviksskolan at Lidingö and a member of the Swedish Visual Arts Fund, which is part of the Arts Committee. I am a trained artisan and designer in ceramics and glass and have a master's degree from Konstfack in Stockholm, a bachelor's degree from Cardiff School of Art and Design in Wales and a national diploma in ceramics from Capellagården on Öland.

Portrait picture of Thomas Wågström. 

Since the end of 00s I have worked as a freelance curator, lecturer and consultant in parallel with my positions as a leader and manager in the non-profit sector. To a certain extent, I have also been active as an artist making my own exhibitions. Some examples of clients are the Royal College of Art in London, the German Bundestag, Konstfack in Stockholm, the Swedish Exhibition Agency, the National Artists' Organization, the Rackstad Museum in Arvika, the RIAN Design Museum in Falkenberg and Form / Design Center in Malmö.

Ring in silver by Claës E. Giertta. The ring was one of about fifty historical design and artisan objects that were part of Fribrytare, a travelling exhibition that I curated on behalf of Gustavsberg's Porcelain Museum.

As far as I can remember, I have had a commitment to the association life and various rights issues. Between 2015-2018, I worked at Visual Impaired Youth Sweden's national office in Stockholm. There I was responsible for the organization's two projects co-funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. One was the Blind Youth Association Nepal and the other FENACIEBO, the National Federation of the Blind in Bolivia. In 2015, I participated in the forming of the Erik Ljungbergs Foundation, which in Eriks Ljungberg’s spirit has the purpose of promoting full participation, non-discrimination and equality for people with disabilities.

Erik Ljungberg during a trip. Erik was a noted debater and activist living in Gothenburg.

I have co-authored a number of debate articles that have been published in national and county media such as Di, SvD, DN, GP and Sydsvenskan, and I also participated on radio and television as well as on larger conferences as speaker and moderator. Based on my various assignments of trust, I have participated in a number of collaborative bodies and networks in Sweden and in Northern Europe within the visual arts and in the cultural field more generally. One example is KLYS, which represents 30,000 Swedish artistic professionals in the areas of words, tone, stage, film and visual arts on issues of common interest.

In the role of moderator. Panel discussion on the need for safe havens for persecuted visual artists at Galleri Format in Malmö.

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